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What is Vit-A-Zine?


Vit-A-Zine is a family-owned mineral and feed company founded in 1960 by George B. Ross in Butler, MO, that is committed to helping Cattlemen and farmers improve their bottom line thru a wide variety of mineral, feed and premix products. This is a philosophy we have been committed to for almost 60 years. By providing high quality products at cost effective prices we create more value than your typical feed or mineral company. We attribute our success in the feed business to the fact that we work directly with cattlemen and commercial dealers. As cattlemen ourselves, we know how to communicate with those who work with our products every day. We learn from those we serve, and listen to their concerns. By working directly with them, we have earned the confidence and trust of these hard-working cattlemen and dealers. When you combine that with our farm delivery and nutritional support we are a much more convenient solution for your feed and mineral needs. Although we manufacture over a dozen different self-rationed pasture supplements, it is all based on a nutritional formula uniquely designed for pastures and that begins first with balanced nutrition.


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Co-Owners, Vit-A-Zine

Mineral Must Be Palatable

The old theory that if livestock need minerals they would eat them free choice regardless of the taste, is not true. The only mineral cattle have a natural appetite for is salt. Nature intended for them to receive all of the minerals except salt from the grass or hay. Heavy pasturing over the years has depleted most of the trace elements in the soil so it is necessary to furnish these elements in a form they will eat. Vit-A-Zine furnishes it all, including the salt, in one palatable package.

Because, Vit-A-Zine is not just a mineral, it is consumed better than a salt and mineral supplement. Because Vit-A-Zine is not strictly a protein supplement, consumption will be less. Thus, Vit-A-Zine combines the best of both programs for a year-round supplement on pasture or hay.

The protein in Vit-A-Zine comes from a variety of sources to provide a balance of amino acids. We have found that if the protein source is balanced in amino-acids, the amount, or percent, of protein can be minimized. This is a maximum saving to the cattle feeder.

Our Quality Control meets the highest standards in the feed industry. This can be especially appreciated when insuring vitamin content. All mixing and preparation of our vitamins is done by our employees under close supervision. The margin for error is further minimized by frequent quality checks of the vitamins in the laboratory.

Vit-A-Zine is proud of the research and quality control that has gone into its formulas. However, what is equally important, is the fact that the feed itself is well accepted by the animals. To be effective, a supplement must be palatable.

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