Q. What Is Vit-A-Zine?
A. Vit-A-Zine is a protein, vitamin, mineral, pasture supplement with a balance of amino-acids coming from a variety of protein sources. Different available products can be fed to all types of cattle (beef and dairy), horses, sheep, goats, and swine.
Q. How Do You Feed Vit-A-Zine?
A. Put Vit-A-Zine out in a feeder “free choiceâ€. Animals will “self-ration†themselves on it. No other salt, mineral or protein is required or suggested- just use Vit-A-Zine, in pasture, or hay and water. Animals will consume anywhere from a half pound to a pound a day depending on the quality of the forage available.
Q. What Animals Should Be Fed Vit-A-Zine?
A. Vit-A-Zine makes a formula for beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, swine and horses. Your dealer will know the right formula for you.
Q. Is There A Certain Rotation I Should Feed Vit-A-Zine Products?
A. Click the button below to open the pdf file of how to rotate our product. This is only a recommendation, and may be changed to fit your individual needs.
Q. Will Cattle Overeat On Vit-A-Zine?
A. The term “self-rationing†refers to Vit-A-Zine’s unique formulation which not only prevents overeating but assures the proper amount of consumption per head daily.
Q How Much Vit-A-Zine Will Cattle Eat?
A. Again the “self-rationing†process is virtually foolproof. Every pasture condition is different as to the degree of nutrition it contains; the poorer the pasture is, the more Vit-A-Zine will be consumed. Typically cattle will eat a half pound to a pound a day. When hay or grass quality is excellent they may eat less.
Q. Can Vit-A-Zine Aid In The Prevention Of Eye Trouble?
A. Eye trouble in cattle can be traced to a vitamin A deficiency. Vit-A-Zine not only has ample amounts of vitamin A, but the “FREE-CHOICE†application provides a constant daily dose. This also improves performance in all stages of the breeding cycle.
Q. What If I Already Have Eye Trouble?
A. The sooner you get rid of it, the less permanent damage will remain. Nothing works faster than the appropriate injectable antibiotic. However, if you feed Vit-A-Zine “Anaplas†G-1000, you will not only cure clinical cases of pink eye, but you will also prevent it from spreading.
Q. Why Does Vit-A-Zine Contain Protein?
A. For several reasons. Our unique formulation contains a variety of protein sources that are specifically chosen for their amino acid content. The ten essential amino acids are provided in our ration to satisfy the broad deficiencies of amino acids that exist in the animals’ natural nutritional environment. The presence of ten essential amino acids allow ruminant animals to complete all cell production necessary for body maintenance of the cow and fetal development of the calf during the gestation period.
Q. Does Vit-A-Zine Make A Supplement With Fly Control?
A. Fly control via Rabon or IGR is available upon request in most of our regular supplements.
Q.  Do you have scours in your herd?
 Cattle Active can help.