Custom Mixes

A large warehouse with many items in the middle of it.Vit-A-Zine has been in business for almost 60 years because we pay attention to our customer needs.  Custom mineral mixes have always been a core part of our product offering.  We customize everything from vitamin levels, fly control, Cattle Active, fescue fighters, antibiotics, and ionophores.  The customization doesn’t stop there. We routinely package our products in non-standard sizes to help with ration mixing and TMR needs.  We also modify packaging to smaller sizes to help our older cattleman and women who can’t handle 50lb bags anymore.  Vit-A-Zine believes in helping our customers and customizing things for their needs is our business!

Custom Services:A herd of cattle grazing on lush green grass.
Vit-A- Zine also offers custom services including:
Mineral Pre-Mix
Toll Milling
Custom Bagging